Q Cells Solar Panels

Q Cells Solar Panels

Top performance for maximum power

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Q CELLS has supported the Australian community since 2009, longer than any other manufacturer currently on the market. With products developed specifically for Australian climates, unparalleled local support, and comprehensive testing facilities both in laboratories and in the field, we are the trusted provider for Australian consumers.

Q cell developed Q.ANTUM Technology to maximize the efficiency of conventional solar modules We guarantee high performances under real conditions, in winter or summer, under clear or cloudy skies, and for extreme weather. Solar modules with the Q.ANTUM Technology achieve maximum efficiencies from mass production, which has been independently confirmed by the independent Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, with a world record 19.5%.

Quality reliable 

Shortest investment 

Innovative all weather technology 

Enduring high performance 

Extreme weather rating

Products Solar Panels Q.PEAK_DUO-G52_730x486
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Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels

JinkoSolar is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world.

Manufacturing excellence is our highest priority, Our wholly-owned Australian subsidiary provides JINKOSOLAR products and first class service locally, from sales, customer service, supply chain management, to technical and warranty support.

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Improved performance of half-cells

Half-Cell design ensures an improved shading response, resulting in higher yields when the module is partially shaded. Shading loss experienced by half-cell modules is much better than conventional modules in certain shading conditions.

LG Panels

LG Panels

Stylish and Highly Efficient Panels

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LG our the largest consumer brand operating in solar currently in Australia. LG a re commonly known as one of the highest returns on investment over their lifetime adding extra incentive to procure a top rated panel. 

The quality construction of an LG panel means they last longer over the lifetime generating a much better long term return

LG panels come with a 25 year product and performance warranty and are happy to provide given they have had so few warranty claims over time.

A concern for customers residentially and commercially is the aesthetics post installation. LG offer stylish black panels which are appealing to the eye and provide a modern feel to the installation

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