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Residential Solar

Make the most of your roof space and install a Solar System to provide immediate savings and an excellent return on investment for your family.

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Commercial Solar

Immediately reduce your business overheads by installing Solar. Enjoy the benefits of an increased cash flow by offsetting your electricity bills.

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Electrical Services

Our fully qualified electricians and engineers offer turn key electrical solutions for homes and businesses. We are your local Electrical Contractor offering high quality cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Solar and Battery Systems

GDW Solar & Electrical employ fully accredited CEC designers and installers for both solar and battery energy saving solutions within the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Regions. We install our systems taking the highest quality and safety requirements on board throughout the the three stages of design, installation and commissioning.

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Switchboard Upgrades

Does your switchboard currently have old re wirable fuses. Upgrade your switchboard to new RCD earth leakage circuit breakers which provide enhanced safety to you're home and thus family members. 

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Home Automation

Are you looking to automate your home or business? We offer various solutions that can make your day to day life more efficient and also reduce your energy costs at both your home and business.

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Electrical Installations

We offer all types of electrical installations for your home or business. Whether it be Solar, Power Points, Lights, Ceiling fans as an example at your home and any electrical fit our requirement in your business such as getting your power on give us a call today for a fee consultation and appraisal.

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Ceiling Fan Installations

GDW Solar & Electrical installs a wide range of remote and wall switch ceiling fans, with or without lighting. Ceiling fans are a cost effective way to keep you cool, using a fraction of power that air conditioners would use.

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LED Lighting

LED lighting can be used for all your lighting needs - down lights, flood lights, strip lighting, office lighting, decorative lighting and much more. LED lighting uses a fraction of the equivalent halogen or compact florescent energy consumption. GDW Solar & Electrical can replace any of your lights to new long-lasting LEDs and save you money and the hassle of replacing globes.