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The most important part of providing a proposal for a customer is tailoring a solution that meets their needs.

Our step by step process involves the following process:

  • Site inspection of the home
  • review of your bills and energy usage
  • Building a solar system that meets your energy needs
  • Provide a proposal showing return on investment
  • Answering any questions you may have and providing product information
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Design & Supply

Our system designers define the required products and installation requirements for your system. 

Generally, this involves:

  • Solar panel location 
  • System Configuration
  • Matching the panels to the inverter
  • System automation and monitoring
  • Procurement of system parts
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Installation and Commissioning

Our inhouse CEC qualified electricians will arrive at your premises and complete the following:

  • Setup any barricade and safety requirements
  • Install racking and panels as per design
  • Installation of inverter and cabling
  • Commission the system as per manufacturers requirements
  • Clean the site  

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After Sales Support & Service

One of the most important items we value of a solar solution is to partner with our clients throughout the lifetime of their system. We do this by offering ongoing maintenance and system support.